Workers’ Compensation Claims

Star Insurance Company can handle your workers’ compensation claims!

Star handles workers’ compensations claims for its self-insured clients and policyholders of its affiliated insurance companies. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible claims service. To do so, it is important for Star to be notified of a claim as soon as possible. The earlier we learn of the claim, the better we can assist the injured employee in receiving proper and timely medical attention. Early reporting will assist us in getting accurate and timely benefits paid.


CLICK HERE to fill out your First Report of Injury Form Online

  • It’s fast, easy and 
convenient and allows for 24/7 claims reporting.
  • Receive a confirmation number after submission.

REPORT BY PHONE:  (800) 825-9489

  • Please have your policy number and name of insured/policyholder as named on the policy.
  • Please have the following claimant information:
    1. Full name, age, date of birth, social security number
    2. Date/hours of employment and wages
    3. Date, time and location of injury
    4. Home address and phone number

REPORT BY E-MAIL:  [email protected]

REPORT BY e-FAX:  (855) 603-8409

Email or fax your completed State Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury form.


Once a claim is reported...

  • We will contact the insured employer within the next two business days to begin evaluating the injured employee’s needs.
  • If you need assistance with a claim sooner, you may contact our Service Center at (800) 825-9489, which will directly connect you with the adjuster assigned to handle your claim.

Provider Facts:

  • Star has partnered with several Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) across the county. Where appropriate and allowed by state law, an injured employee should be sent to one of the approved network providers.
  • Star has over 30,000 Occupational Medical and Urgent Care facilities in its PPO networks. These facilities can generally provide more effective, timely and appropriate care for non-emergency injuries.
  • Star’s PPO networks also offer any specialty care needed for providing an injured employee with the necessary follow-up care.
  • Our adjusters will work with you in selecting  appropriate  medical providers.

Claim Correspondence:

  • You can submit correspondence or documents on an existing claim by any of the options below:
    1. EMAIL: [email protected]
    2. FAX:  (855) 858-8187
    3. MAIL:  Meadowbrook Claims Service
      PO Box 219559
      Kansas City, MO 64121-9559

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